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There’s no time like the present to launch your idea.

I’m involved in so many different enterprises, and I like my finger to be on the pulse of it all.
This site is a way for people to be able to connect me in all my different ventures.

Web Developer

I’ve been an HTML lover since 1998. Need a website? Let’s make something beautiful and functional together. Visit me at

Social Media

Never in the history of the world has it been so easy to connect with your tribe, locally or globally. I’m happy to guide you. Check out my blog at

Speaking & Training

SEO, SEM, CSS, P2P, PPC, etc. There are lots of acronyms in the digital marketing sphere. I decipher what’s good and what’s bull and get you on the right track. I’m available for workshops, conferences and 1-on-1 consulting.

Office Hours

Once a month, I’ll be posted up at a local watering hole or foodie joint for a few hours, hanging out and available to chat, laugh and get to know *YOU*! STOP BY! Come say hi, have a drink with me. Bring your web questions, show me what you’ve been working on, ask me about social media, tell me what’s new, share pics of your two-legged and four-legged babies. It’s always an interesting time when friends, fans, social media followers and other member of the community get together. Upcoming Office Hours are posted on the Collins Digital Media Facebook page.

I recently decided my website needed a major overhaul, and there was no one else that came to mind other than Perri. She is a web guru. She understood my brand and what I was about. She is creative, has wonderful ideas, and is just plain fun to work with.

Dani C.

Social Media Manager, Podcaster & Blogger

I reached out when I was looking for some help with my website. We met for coffee and I instantly felt comfortable talking with her and asking all kinds of questions. She has a way of making you comfortable asking questions and is clear and practical in her advice and explanations.

Kammie K.

Artist, Writer, Speaker

Perri spoke to our group about personal branding, networking and social media. She is a passionate, knowledgeable, engaging speaker, and delivered an extremely informative and interesting program and spoke at a level everyone could understand.

Laurie H.

Social Media Manager, Podcaster & Blogger

Perri Collins is a breath of fresh air. Her easy, friendly manner paired with her extensive knowledge made me confident that I’d picked the right web designer. I’d recommend her services, particularly to anyone who has been afraid to make the leap to a better site.

Anita L.

Communications Director

My Instagram Obsession

If you’ve spent any time with me in person, you’ll know I have this thing about custom license plates. Check out my collection.

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About me

Are you still considered a digital native if you grew up without the internet? Despite spending my formative years in rural Texas, I have fully embraced the digital age. From coding websites to formulating digital marketing strategies to interpreting analytics, I’ve jumped in the matrix with both feet and learned to swim.

With a degree in journalism and a background in media, I’ve been able to leverage technology in newsrooms and businesses alike. I have a traveled extensively and pride myself on my ability to communicate and work with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

I love to volunteer and you can regularly find me at Ignite Phoenix, Arizona State University, and Local First AZ events, among others.

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